Day one......

Day one: We went to the slums to work with API's feeding program. It was insane to see the way these boys live. Life is crazy. It makes me so sad to see the boys laying in the street or showering in the raw poop water. Also to see the boys praise God the way they do is really inspiring. They give it all to him. We played a game of street football, aka soccer, and had a blast with them. It was really cool how we got to know them and learn to love each and every one of them :) We then did a devotion with them and we had two of the team members go with a group of eight boys. We talked about what we want to become when we get older. It was cool to see that some wanted to become such great things like doctors and pastors. I love these boys so much!! I wish I could take them all home :)

Sorry I'm a tad behind. We have been crazy busy :(

Louis and Caleb

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