Day one......

Day one: We went to the slums to work with API's feeding program. It was insane to see the way these boys live. Life is crazy. It makes me so sad to see the boys laying in the street or showering in the raw poop water. Also to see the boys praise God the way they do is really inspiring. They give it all to him. We played a game of street football, aka soccer, and had a blast with them. It was really cool how we got to know them and learn to love each and every one of them :) We then did a devotion with them and we had two of the team members go with a group of eight boys. We talked about what we want to become when we get older. It was cool to see that some wanted to become such great things like doctors and pastors. I love these boys so much!! I wish I could take them all home :)

Sorry I'm a tad behind. We have been crazy busy :(

Louis and Caleb


Just a quick update

Here are some pictures from the past few days :) We got to work at a baby's home right away. Changing babies,  washing kids, and taking them to school :) Now we are sitting waiting for the vans to arrive so we can hussle on down to the slums to play soccer with the street boys :) well that's all for now :) I will try to post later tonight :) btw its 10:37 am :)


My Second Home

     Today is the day.... The day I leave all that I know, love,and care about.  To be broken... my heart will not come back the same as when I go. It will be broke :( I have been once and oh did my heart hurt. When you walk through the streets and the little kids come up and tug at your side just wanting to have your skin touch theirs! To make them feel loved! My heart aches when I think of the kids with no mother, no father, no one to love them.That is my job for these two weeks! And I'm going to love it !!!! Sure I might get dirt in my hair, mud in my shoes, and cramps from chasing the fast ones, but it is my way to make impact on these little cuties lives.

     I am going to try to post while I'm there ( Lord willing, the power will be up the whole time ). Get ready for your heart to cry and then your heart to sing with joy :) I know this is going to be a great trip :)  


the new year, the new me, the new mission, the new name

( photo credit to Carlotta )
    The new year! (as in 2013) will be full of what I make it. I want to leave my foot print on this earth. I don't want to be just another kid wandering this world with my head cut off. I want to leave my own little funny, quirky, and crazy twist on it! I want God to use me in any way possible or as needed. This year should be full of excitement, passion, and fun!
      The new me! I remember when all I wanted was to be like everyone else and not focusing on being me, not being the hands and feet of God! The new me is ready to use my gifts to to the fullest and to be a light to those in the darkness. I'm ready to be the light! I'm ready to laugh, and to have fun with friends. I'm ready to cry and be there for friends!  I'm ready for it to be a bow tie and suspender day everyday!!!

     The new mission! In August 2012 my little business took off and lets just say it basically paid for my trip to Uganda... I will be leaving  in 13 days. I have a heart for that country and in 13 days I'll be going back!!! I'll be changing diapers, running in the streets with kids, singing and dancing for Jesus, and sharing Gods word! And I can't wait!!! My new mission when I get back to the states will be adoption! I'm going to be offering everyone in the greater Tulsa area free shoots for newly adopted kids! I can't wait!   

     The new name! The new name is what this blog will be about me / family / friends and my photography. I hope y'all enjoy :)